Appliance labelling in shops – how it should be controlled by authorities

The correct application of labels in shops should be ensured by the manufacturers who distribute the labels with their products, and by the retailers, who place them on the appliances at the point of sale. It should then be checked by the public surveillance authorities – such as ministries, inspectorates, energy agencies, depending on the national arrangements.

In order to help the national authorities with   this activity, the project consortium decided to develop a summary position paper on how the shop visits should be undertaken on national/local level, and what is the current experience around Europe with the most problematic or positive types of shops or appliance types. This document is mainly targeted at the appointed national or local Market Surveillance Authorities.

This document was published in November 2011. Please, contact the co-ordinator or the national project partners, if you wished to discuss this activity in more detail.

Appliance labelling in shops
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Proper appliance labelling in shops
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Information on how national authorities could organise the shop visits to check that energy labels are in place as required


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