Status of appliance labelling in project countries

Project partners will also actively seek to monitor the situation in shops and undertake the following activities to improve it:

  • Project partners will communicate with their national Market Surveillance Authorities on the list of activities undertaken (number of developed shops visits  and any corrective actions taken in case of non-compliance).
  • They will also conduct random shop visits (at least 20 shops for each partner three times during the project) and supply the information about the results of such visits to the shop and retailer associations for possible corrective action in case of non-compliance  - also offering advice and support on proper appliance labelling.
  • The national Market Surveillance Authority will  then be informed about the results of the shop visits, of the assessed non-compliance (if any) and the corrective actions voluntarily taken in the shops, suggesting that formal inspections and corrective actions are taken against non-compliance for shops in which the non-compliance continues.
  • Alternatively to shop visits, national partners have an option to negotiate with the national retailer associations, to discuss specific problems with displaying labels properly (and eventually use them for marketing purposes) and ensuring distribution of such information to their members.


Partners will focus on various types of shops with two different approaches – either to cover a large average sample to reach an overview of the market, or to focus on selected most problematic types of shops (or regions, appliance types etc.), to seek for effective corrective action.

The following documents contain a summary of findings in shops and the description of activities undertaken:

  • Summary list 1 (March 2012)
  • Summary list 2 (due in September 2012)
  • Summary list 3 (due in May 2013)


Status of appliance labelling
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National Shop Visits Report III
CoL consortium 

Within the Come On Labels project, some 900 shops have been visited to monitor the proper display on energy labels at the points of sale. Fine a report on the third round of the shop visits, monitoring the presence of labels by the shopy and product type, and monitoring the increased presence of new energy labels.

May 2013
National Shop Visits Report II
CoL consortium 

One of the very visible outcomes of the Come On Labels project is the personal visit of hundreds of shops around Europe, monitoring the proper presence of energy labels on products. Enclosed is a report, summarising the results of shop visits from 13 European countries, coveringin total 330 shops, undertaken in second half of 2012. Find out more on the situation related to the proper display of energy labels per product type and per shop type, the presence of new energy labels, and description of situation by each individual country.

February 2013
National Shop Visits Report I

Report on the first set of shop visits.

April 2012